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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Organic Alchemy

Sophie Baudin & Ola Jas
Yoga is about embracing Life. Linking the dots. Arise vital forces. Connect the worlds of the visible and invisible. Create energy from the void. Get rid of limiting beliefs. Cultivate the Art of Living. Renewing balance every moment. Reveal our authentic expression.

In Organic Alchemy we are inspired in Nature and work our power of transformation. Nature speaks truth and its cycles bring essential answers. Our capacity work on creating Magics, being able to handle what actually is to transcend and transform. Being the Alchemist of our Lives.

During this Intensive, we will flow into the sensation. Feel how the movement allows you to express the body quality.

Expect a base of Vinyasa with fun balances and a playful approach into the postures. We will top up the practices with an introduction to acroyoga, thai massage and yin. The idea is to gain tools to deep dive into the practice with kindness and the discovery of new possibilities.

workshop will be led in English
The workshop would take place at