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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Yoga, Meditation & The Seven Wheels of Energy

Roni friedman

Happy and excited to take part again in Yoga Arava .
retreat in the desert that will allow us to plunge into yoga and meditation.
Take a break from life, meet us in the most beautiful place on the Arava - Timna Park! Together we'll go on a journey into the chakras, the centers of energy that are located in our body.
we will focus on the each center and move from the physical and material places of our lives to the more subtle places within us.
We will learn about the different characteristics of the chakras and how they may help us in our daily lives. We will experience how the work with chakras is expressed in the different levels of our lives - in practice, in our relationships, and in everything we do & experience.
In my retreats, I share the magic and inspiration that yoga and meditation have added to my life.
You are welcome to join me.
The workshop will be held in English and Hebrew (half-half) and is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

The workshop would take place at