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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

When Yoga and sound meet in Yoga Arava

Shir Sofer & Anat Gold

We are happy to be a guest and take part again this year in Yoga Arava.
We invite you to join another weekend from what you met in Moshav Idan to a breathtaking desert landscape.
When yoga and sound meet, a unique frequency is created, a special multi-sensory experience of flow, relaxation and true freedom.
A rare experience.
During the weekend we will practice fresh yoga with live music and get to know the world of the Overtones and work with it. The Overtones, which are considered the essence of the music and the inner essence that stems from the "one", create an organic combination with the yoga practice as a healing force. Throughout the workshop, we will work with the singing of Overtones, gongs, loudspeakers, string instruments, Tibetan bowls and more.
Please note that if weather conditions and water temperature are possible, a Watsu workshop and Tibetan water bowls will be available.
When yoga sounds and water meet, great things happen ...
yoga is practiced using the fresh-yoga method and watsu treatments, combined with live music of healing sounds, gongs, and overtones.
When Yoga, sound and water meet.

The workshop would take place at