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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Yoga on the water

Keren Orosa

3 magical days of desert, Yoga and sea. This workshop combines practicing Yoga on water and land, and paddling on the SUP. The SUP Yoga practice does not intend to replace Yoga on a stable ground; it adds an important element to it, and clarifies two on Yoga’s most important principles: stability and relaxation.
Working on an unstable surface requires precision and attention to the body placement during the pose. The practice is challenging, and the posture muscles are activated in a large part of the poses. The student must find his or her inner stability, yet remain in a relaxed state and allow the body to accept the movements of the board and the water.
The bigger the effort and the challenge, the deeper and more powerful is the relaxation on the water; the closeness to water allows one to connect to the water inside the body.
Add to it all the influence of nature around us – the sea, the sun, the wind, and sometimes even the rain and rainbow – and you will get an amazing and dynamic experience.
What is special about this workshop is that there is no need of prior knowledge of Yoga or the SUP. The unique approach and the different rhythm allow a pretty smooth entrance into this world. At times there is a mental barrier to go through, and it is different for everyone - that’s the beauty of it… We slowly dismantle it and get to work.
It is a complete experience. There is a strenuous exercise, a profound relaxation, a connection to nature, to air, water, and good company.

The workshop would take place at