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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

The vital principals of Yoga as a Rubik’s cube

Yoav Shamash‏

The Seven vital Principles of Yoga - Relaxation, Quieting of the mind, Intent, Rooting, Connecting, Breathing, Elongation and Expansion, are the pillars of the Vijanana Yoga practice.
At the same time, they stands as pillars for any other well-made Yoga practice, regardless of systems and names.
There is logic behind the order of appearance of the principals, which helps us reach alignment and a certain body-mind state.
However, is this necessarily the only possible order? The number of ways to solve a Rubik’s (Hungarian) Cube is enormous and for the solution, we use qualities of observation, curiosity, thought and play.
In the practice of Yoga, The body itself becomes a Rubik’s cube.
Playing is the quality that prevents the practice from falling into areas of boredom and rigid patterns.
During the workshop, this playing quality will be applied to all parts of the practice: sitting, breathing and asana. Practitioners who are not familiar with the principles will gain significant tools to enhance their personal practice.
In addition to the practice, we will have a philosophical class about the Subject (the observer) and Object through quotations from various texsts from different periods.

Language: Hebrew and English

The workshop would take place at