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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

mind body and soul

Matti Gudiner

In Yoga Arava this year I will teach mainly Vinyasa flow. The base of Vinyasa is from the practice of the very popular Ashtanga Yoga. I am a devoted Ashtanga student but in recent years I have discovered that it is possible to be more creative in the practice and not to stick to the familiar series, which made the practice more empowering and exciting for me. The Vinyasa practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners because during the practice there are endless adaptations that can be practiced (different positions of the same posture) so that everyone can find themselves. In the workshops we will practice various Vinyasas, ranging from the core stability Vinyasa to strengthen the upper back Vinyasa, hip flexibility Vinyasa and so on. The Vinyasas are delivered in both Hebrew and in English. We will also learn ancient techniques of concentration from the traditional world of Raja Yoga so that we will eventually achieve the ultimate union. Mind body and soul.

The workshop would take place at