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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה


Shirli Goldstein
Evolutionize your yoga practice!
Yoga as essential oils has been used for thousands of years: cleansing, balancing, healing our body, mind and emotions.
This workshop is for you and the practionioners & teachers who wish to deepen the natural connection of mind - body.

This workshop is for you AROMA YOGA We will learn step by step to combine the aromatherapy oils in practice and in daily life.

The exercises are suitable for everyone and will always be adjusted.
Each of the seven major chakras and the elements.
We will combine on two levels:
the oils and the practice.
The workshop will include explanations on: the impact on the brain and a short written guide.
We will learn how to stimulate the sense of smell through the oils to release traumas, to be more in presence, and concentration.
The workshop would take place at