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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

(The space between the lines (weekend retreat

Alit Bar Sadeh

Between one event and another, one moment and another, one thought and another, lies the space. While our attention is usually directed to the events/thoughts/moments, in this 5-days retreat we’ll turn it to the space in between. Can we tune into that space? What is this space? How does it relate to me and my daily life?
We’ll explore these questions and more through:

- Tension and stagnation release
-- Dynamic and meditative yoga flows, inspired by Ashtanga and Prana Vinyasa
-- Spontaneous movement – “Sahaja”
- Connecting to the space
-- Experiencing 24 hours of silence while moving, sitting, eating, etc.
-- Meditative walks and practices in the dessert
-- Pranayama, contemplation, meditation
- Opening our hearts, calming our minds
-- Mantra Chanting, Nada Yoga, storytelling, Satsangs
-- Observing the different perspectives each chakra offers us
-- Inquiring into what needs to be dissolved, invoked and enhanced

This retreat will combine practices in silence as well as with LIVE music and Mantra chanting by the talented musician and Yogi, Anton Koliadko. From silence and stillness to sound and movement. We’ll play with those edges, until perhaps we find the silence in the sound, and stillness in movement.

The retreat is suitable for all levels of experience. It is highly recommended to join the full 5 days retreat to immerse yourself and enjoy an in-depth experience, however, it is possible to join only from Thursday for a 3 days retreat.

Additional Details:
Workshop is suitable to English Speakers and will be led in English and Hebrew should there be a need

Suitable for all levels
Practice type: Dynamic & meditative
Recommended to bring with you: Meditation cushion, pen and notebook

The workshop would take place at