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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Mindfulness through a flow

Rony Stav & Emily shain
Our day to day is one never-ending movement of gestures, behaviors and decisions. The movement pulls us forward, meets us with moments that are happening around us and allows us to respond to them. Life in the western world has taught us to do the opposite: shut down, gather in, put on an armor until anger rages. We have all learned to "hold our breath" whenever we are uncomfortable, not simply with the moment presented to us. Try for a moment now, while reading,to take a deep breath: Notice how much work went into that moment, and how the body responded to this gesture you made. For it / For you. We will explore this breath through integrated Vinyasa exercises with Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the discourse we have with ourselves, as we practice inner conversation, introspection, we can encounter moments we produce instead of feeling the moments and impulses controlling us. We will examine yogis ideas and paradigms in the prism of western every day life. Sometimes we let yoga become a physical exercise and forget that the Asanas are actually a window to a much deeper mental and spiritual work. How our ability to teach ourselves to move within the body, produce listening, produce conscious, compassionate and breathing, can help us not only on the mat but also (and perhaps mostly) outside the mat. In the workshop, we will look at our ability to take the basics of yoga and assimilate them into our day to day: stressed day at work, meeting traffic jams, family and couple life, inviting abundance and more. In the workshop we will delve into the following content:

* Endless movement, the ability to produce vigorously integrated Vinyasa and produce conscious breathing within intense movement.

* Investigation of the Asanas, posture, proper work within the postures. Sometimes habit causes us to make movements out of the body's desire to want and not feel. Let's look at the difference between them.

* Yama and Nyama, the yogic principles and "laws". How "laws" written thousands of years ago are significant to our daily lives here and now.

* Work on strength and flexibility: In yoga we must do a joint work of strength and flexibility in order to produce correct and useful Asanas. We will understand the connection and listening required for this.

* 8 limbs of yoga by Patanjali, the way in which the Ashtanga Yoga was created as we know it today. We will explore the origins and non-necessarily physical contexts of yoga.

* Gathering in as meditation, gratitude as meditation
The workshop would take place at