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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Light up your Core ! Being Centered, Clear of Mind and Loving at Heart through Spirit Yoga

Dr. Inga Bolien from Spirit Yoga Berlin
Inga Bolien from Spirit Yoga Berlin

This five-part Workshop combines strong- yet gentle, precise- yet creative yoga practices. It focuses on becoming whole and peaceful within our mind, on connecting to the Central Axis within the body, and on identifying the personal rituals, symbols, and elements in order to reveal the soul’s inner-truth.

The Journey moves from a pure, challenging, energy-boosting Spirit Yoga class into a Workshop to detect personal rituals and meaningful symbols. These discoveries will get strengthened by a class which focuses on the core and stabilizes the central axis of the spine.

The journey continues with an exploration into accessing a balanced and satisfying life and a reflection about how to combine the rational and spiritual sides in life.

The Workshop concludes with a powerful practice called “Strength and Silence,” which combines balance, power, and calm resolve of an awakened life.

Language: English

Props: Blanket and yoga block

Who is eligible for the workshop? All levels

Practice style: Vinyasa flow
The workshop would take place at