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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Bhrigu Yoga Workshop: strengthening your energetic field

Dr. J.K Bhadury & Vacharya Bhadury - World Bhrigu Yoga .

At The Bhrigu Yog workshop we will work on our ‘Energetic skeleton’ by practicing unique methods of cleansing, strengthening and mental balancing.

The practices empower our positive aspects, and by that assists us in augmenting our own resilience.

During the workshop we will learn and practice physical, mental and spiritual technics that are being passed down generation by generation in a direct lineage through The respected Bhadury family, founders of the world association of Bhrigu Yoga, who makes this precious knowledge accessible also to the west.

We will typically start our morning with a practice of Pranayam and Asanas (Yogic breathing and postures), while most of the workshop will be about practicing unique Bhrigu Yoga practices, including concentration practices, breathing, and physical exercises while focusing on mental and spiritual aspects.

We will learn and practice:

- Internal processes (in the energetic channels)
- Proper breathing and advanced breathing exercises
- Visualizations and the use of mental aspects during practice
- Bhrigu Yog practices
- Operation mechanism – how the practices are effecting on our mental, physical bodies and beyond

The workshop would take place at