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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה
This unique yoga workshop is the fruit of the successful collaboration between Orit and Tamar, which began in Yoga Arava 2017.
As part of the cleaning process, the breakfast for the Yoga & Detox workshop. Unlike the rest of the workshops, the meal is based on a row food shake with superfoods in it.

It is an opportunity for the body and soul to experience yoga as a flowing movement in a subconscious process. With asanas and breathing exercises and with the magic of the frequencies of healing sounds. The workshop includes enrichment lectures with practical information for instilling habits for optimal health.

The cleaning process is tasty, non-ascetic and suitable for a wide audience who wants to experience a digestive break.
Each practice is accompanied by aromatic oil aromas. You can expect breathing space, back to the source, clarity, and inspiration for growth and change.
The workshop would take place at