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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Between movement and stillness - yin yoga and classic yoga

noga weiss hariyanto

Yin Yoga- Long static, passive holds which invites an intimate encounter with one’s self . This practice can release energetic and physical blockages along the meridians and the connective tissues.

In this year’s Yoga Arava Festival Workshop we will learn, both physically and theoretically, how the body and mind can transit safely and harmoniously between a static state to a dynamic one. What happens when we yield, let go, give up and put our ego asaide. This way we will find the softness in challenging situations as well as the ideal alertness in passive states. The theoretical explanations accompanying the physical practice will help us to assimilate to tools given in the workshop and use them for a long time ahead. Experienced practitioners of dynamic yoga will learn how to use the tools to soften themselves in any asana and lower down muscular tonus as well as mental stress.

I am offering this workshop because many of my students and practitioners have asked to join my teachers courses and immersions, but those are closed being designed only for professional teachers. This is an opportunity to deeply learn, both physically and theoretically, materials I usually share with yoga’ pilates and fitness instructors as well as movement experts. This knowledge is shared both from official learning, self practice and vast teaching experience world wide.

The workshop would take place at