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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Nourish... listen... balance

Shanee Habari Host Ayelet Ziv
Yoga, movement and meditations accompanied by Tibetan bowls and musical instruments from all over the world with Shanee Habari and Ayelet Ziv.

Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body.... the beating of the heart.... the rustle of breath and the vibration of thoughts. Each one composes his own creation of life, as the movement and sounds giving us life. During this desert week we experience an in-depth practice, based on the world of Yoga, Medical Qigong, touch and sound. The encounter invites us to "tune the instruments", to stretch and release the strings, to devote ourselves to the movement and healing sounds alongside the silence and the deep listening.

Through the movement of the body, in and out, a physical and energetic space is opened that will connect our inner vibration - and the external vibration of the bowls and instruments, which will bring about liberation, relaxation and healing.

* In the workshop we will practice and experience movement from the world of Yoga, Qigong, free dance and touch. We will create a communication that builds trust in ourselves and in the other and serves as a bridge to an open and supportive atmosphere that enables a unique liberation process. Trust is created by wordless communication and allows us to break boundaries and strengthen confidence in ourselves and those around us.

* sound healing and sound meditation Meditations and a sound healing session in motion and lying with Tibetan bowls and musical instruments collected from around the world. We will experience a unique and personal experience. The sounds and bowls are gently placed on and around our bodies, triggering vibrations that operate on all dimensions. A vibration that opens a door and path to reboot, relax and heal, to calibrate all levels: physical, energetic and conscious.
The workshop would take place at