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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה
Eyal met Yoga for the first time in New York in 96, since then, Yoga is an integral part of his life. Shortly after Eyal's first encounter with the Ashtanga, he traveled to Mysore, India, to practice under the guidance of Sri k. pattabi, researcher and distributor of the Ashtanga Method, In New York. Eyal completed a teacher's course and returned to the Ashtanga districts under the direction of Richard Freeman in Colorado, where he studied and worked as an assistant and teacher. Eyal continued his yoga trips to other areas, such as 'Yoga 23' along with Andrei Sidarsky in Kiev, Shadow Yoga with John Evans in London and Iyengar Yoga and Chi Kong. Eyal also handles contact with structural integration (Rolfing), Cranial Sacral and Dry Acupuncture. Extensive experience and knowledge enable Eyal to uniquely combine traditional deep knowledge with freedom and honest personal investigation.