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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה
Anat Gold (Goldy) - A student and a veteran yoga teacher in the method of fresh yoga, created and developed by Yogi Kaliji Ray. This is a sub-stream of theta-yoga that is less known in Israel, and Anat is one of the pioneers of the method in Israel and works regularly to distribute it and bring the best teachers to tri-yoga workshops in Israel. Training yoga teachers in a unique course in the TriYoga method (recognized by the Israel Yoga Teachers Association).
Anat holds workshops and conferences in various locations throughout the country and the world to spread the unique method, and in 2017 even launched her first studio in her studio in Israel to train teachers for tri-yoga. Along with professionalism and deep knowledge, Anat brings with her the experience of yoga and her wonderful personality, which is all calm, flow and acceptance.
Anat is authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa and yoga for pregnant and postnatal women. Anat is also an authorized therapist in Watsu and Waterdance, two wonderful methods of hydrotherapy in heated pools.

Shir Sofer - Musician and singer Overtons, sound therapist and developer of the unique method of voice and sound. He runs the Center for Sound Healing, teaches and conducts workshops throughout Israel and abroad. In 1993 he began traveling the world following music, studied with Master Ross Daley in Crete and Athens and later went to study music in India, where he studied string instruments. Later on, he studied Mongolian songs in Mongolia. He plays and performs with various ensembles and theater performances and writes music for films.