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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Nieke Franken was introduced to yoga in 2007, while she was teaching fitness related courses in gyms in Amsterdam.
It took her over a year to bring a regular practice into her routine, after she suffered severe spinal injury after jumping recklessly off a 23 meter cliff in Australia. The recovery was long but promising thanks to yoga.

She acknowledges that the path of a yogi is one of a life time (and beyond), and being a life time student is crucial. She has studied Hatha Yoga and is a registered level 2 Brahmani Yoga teacher (Embodied Vinyasa Flow) and Budokon Yoga & Mobility Ambassador.

Nieke returns to study with her teachers and other masters of movement on a yearly basis. She taught in Australia and India and is currently teaching both in Israel and The Netherlands. Israel is her home base, where she teaches full time in Tel Aviv since 2012.
“For me yoga is a means to heal and unite body, mind and spirit, so we can unite with ‘all that IS’. For this we first need to find our own personal practice and adjust and evolve it as we grow and evolve in our lifetime and as humans. I aim to embody thoughts, emotions, movement, nutrition, relationships and philosophy as one life . practice.

Dan Avidor has had a passion for music all his life. He started as a drummer and base player and formed a band with some friends at early age.
When marrying a yogi he discovered the power of meditation and healing through sounds. After a few years of collecting and learning to play instruments from the Far East, he started offering sound during yoga sessions. He has studied with Sheer Sofer in Israel and currently offers monthly sound baths at Naim studio in Tel Aviv and has a few private clients whom he helps eliminate physical and emotional pain though sound and vibration.

“For me music is the language of the universe, it can connect different cultures and people from all over the world. Sound is powerful. It can change our brains, and so it changes our bodies. In a meeting between two objects, a vibration is created. It is my mission to create positive and harmonious frequencies for people to enjoy and heal from. So I can do my share towards a more loving and peaceful world.”

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