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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה
For the past fourteen years, Yoav Shamash has been teaching Vijnana Yoga in his studio in Jaffa as well as offering Yoga workshops and retreats in and out of Israel. Nowadays Yoav works as a teaching assistant to Orit Sen-Gupta (the founder of Vijnana Yoga) in the Vijnana Teacher Training Course.

Yoav graduated his bachelors in musicology, but extended his studies with eastern philosophy and the philosophy of Yoga.

“Our body is our instrument. Similar to a musical instrument, our body-mind has inner strings. For me, practicing Yoga is the continuous tuning of those inner strings, so that we can play our most balanced and natural sound. Each of us has our own unique instrument and only we can tune it and find our own accurate sound. I’m looking forward to experiencing your sound.”