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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Dr. J.K Bhadury & Vacharya Bhadury - World Bhrigu Yoga .

Bhrigu Yoga Workshop: strengthening your energetic field

Dr. Bahaduri Vacharya Bahadori - World Yoga Bhrigu .

Dr. JC Bhaduri, an Ayurvedic doctor is also an expert in yoga and tantra. President of the World Baharrigo Yoga.

Former Vice President of the Yoga Federation of India.

Founder and owner of the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company BG Bhavan

Vacharya HK Bahadori , Attorney and Vedic Astrologer is also a specialist in Tantra and Yoga. Secretary of the Baharrigo. World Yoga Association, Vice President of UP State Yoga Federation in India.

Founders and owners of the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company BG Bhavan

The two are descendants of a well-known yogic dynasty in Varanesi, India, teaching and advising across India and the world.

Their grandfather, Shri SR Bhaduri was a prince in the state of Bengal in India who left the route to the throne for spiritual search. During a practice under a great teacher, the saint Baharrigo appear to him, and blessed him with knowledge. He then wandered in Tibet and northern India for the purpose of collecting and preserving ancient writings.

Today there are more than 60,000 scriptures, many of whom are very rare, in the Bahaduri Burancy, India.

Preservation process is currently underway by the Indian government at home.

The family modestly preserves and disseminates knowledge by teaching across India and the world, as well as by the routine of their yogic lives.

 Baharrigo Yoga is for people who have families. This is mostly a practice that includes meditation, breathing and concentration exercises, as well as physical processes - to enhance life energy and to improve and maintain physical, mental and spiritual abilities. 

The workshop will be translated into English and translated simultaneously into Hebrew.