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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Alex Dawson - California

Sound Body Flow


Alex is the founder of Breath Without Borders.  Alex Dawson, is inspired by the ancient wisdom of yoga, the vitally of bodily practice, and how our breath is 'borderless.' Breathing is the touchstone of every yoga practice. Breathing is the root of our soul. Breathing is the unifier for all of humankind. Alex's expertise for teaching exposes itself through mantra and song (live and recorded) as a part of our flow yoga practice. Using profound sound vibration, Alex guides her students to connect to the moment and into their 'sound' body.


Alex entered teaching in 2002 for Kathleen Turner and the company of 'The Graduate' on Broadway in NYC. She has had numerous inspirations, including Mark Whitwell, Schuyler Grant, and principally — her students. For Alex, teaching is listening. The question she is trying to answer is, 'how do we go from a fragmented state to an integrated, connected and consolidated state?' Her classes leave you feeling inspired, connected, and calm. There is a genuine transformation - a drop into the Flow State. Together we're reconnecting to our essential nature. Alex regards yoga as a rejuvenating art and draws in crystal quartz alchemy bowls, reiki in her touch, and chanting to awaken our heart spirit.


Alex guides retreats worldwide and has been a teacher at numerous Wanderlust Festivals. Alex recently published 'Om Mani Padme Hum' on Spotify and Apple Music. Alex is a native of Atlanta, GA. You can find her in Los Angeles at Equinox and Wanderlust or on Instagram @alexdawsonyoga