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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Shanee Habari Host Ayelet Ziv

Nourish... listen... balance
Shanee Habari: Musician, singer and composer, producer and creator, shiatsu touch therapist, therapeutic movement and air therapy, conducts workshops in the world and in Israel.
The encounter with Tibetan bowls, bells, drums and various instruments connected the world of music with the world of meditative movement. Through playing, singing, movement, Yoga and touch, I connected myself - the thread - that connects all these worlds by observing the intervals between them. I'm feeling, swaying, singing, diving, touching the human layers in front of me and making light out with him.

Ayelet Ziv Halpern: Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Wingate Institute. Medical Qigong Instructor, Rambam Medical Center. The owner of the studio "Et HaYoga" in Bat Hefer. Leader of the "Yoga at sunset in Emek Hefer", a project sponsored by the Regional Council. A yoga teacher in high school and middle school. The softness of the Vinyi Yoga stream, summarized in Dasikshar's trial: "Yoga should be adapted to man and not man to Yoga," along with the precision and seven principles of Vijnana Yoga, shape Ayelet's class and unite into harmony between body, mind and breathing. The medical chikong adds a meditative touch to the practice and allows us to expand the limits of flexibility and connection to ourselves, deepening our understanding of the Eastern worldview, in which the qi, prana, striving for balance occupy a central place. The exercises are suitable for practitioners of all streams and at all levels.