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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Sophie Baudin & Ola Jas

Organic Alchemy
Sophie teaches vinyasa yoga , ashtanga yoga and acroyoga in Tel Aviv, where she’s been living for two years. She is passionate about harmony: how everything in the body works together and finds its balance. She sings and acts, and when she discovered yoga and its philosophy, she found a new way of exploring her creativity, freedom of movement, and inner peace. Always looking for more self-awareness and fun, she loves sharing all the things that helped her grow with her students and keep learning from them .

Ola Jas is an explorer of the movement and its synergies, she calls the power of imagination to ge further away of boundaries. Her Vinyasa, AcroYoga and Thai massage sessions are a unique fusion, where she teaches in contemporary and progressive way, targeting breathing, alignment and elegancy in the motion, to renew perceptions..
Inspired as much in Iyengar as in Ashtanga styles, with a Circus background, she has been influenced by Contact Improv Dancing to target an authentic and genuine movement quest, with a repercussion on her bodywork expression and facilitation.
Based in Paris, she teaches in Ibiza over the summer and in India, on the other summer :) She shares her passion where the inspiration thrives her and keep learning, organising workshops and retreats, collaborating on festivals and giving private sessions.