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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Moshav Hatzeva - Gan Eden BaArava

Guesthouse huts in the midst of a lush green garden at the heart of the Arava
In a magical botanic garden, at the center of a desert nature reserve, down the winding paths among Thai pagodas, you will find “Gan Eden BaArava” (“Arava Paradise”). The site has 10 beautiful guesthouse units, built from pine wood in the style of a Thai pagoda, and suitable for housing couples and families. Each unit is connected to a path leading to a private seating corner. The units are large and spacious, designed in a unique style and perfectly accessorized for a delightful vacation.
At each hut you will enjoy: AC, a coffee corner, a mini-bar, internet connection, cable TV, a large bedroom with a big, lavish canopy bed, and a large, luxurious bathroom and toilet with soft, pampering towels.
At the guesthouse site there is a billiards club, a lecture room, relaxation corners, dining rooms and a playground for kids. Massages and spa treatments can be supplied to the hut for additional payment.