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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Moshav Tzofar - Han Darkei habsamim

In the Arava region of Israel there is a very special place, the Incense and Spice Route Khan, where the tourist can feel the unique environment of the desert. The Arava is an extension of the Great Rift Valley. About 2000 years ago a desert people, the Nabateans created trade routes in this area which allowed the transport of precious Incense of the Arabian Peninsula to the rest of the then civilized world. The Incense and Spice Route khan is located at the Arava, near the ancient Nabateans' Incense & Spice Route. In 2005, UNESCO recognized this ancient route as a World Heritage site. The three mages followed the Bet – Lechem star to meet Jesus, and brought him gold, incense and mere. The Khan lies behind Moshav Zofar (an agricultural village) 130 km from Eilat. The views from the Han consist of the magnificent mountains of Jordan on the west, and the desert dunes on the east. The Incense and Spice Route Khan offers activities and Bedouin style housing that are punctuated by the sights and smells of the old Nabatean desert environment. The Incense and Spice Route Khan is a unique site that offers an authentic and enjoyable experience under the warm and hospitable attention of the family managing the Khan.