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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה


For one whole weekend, the entire Arava will be dressed in Yoga. The practice areas of the best teachers of the different styles of Yoga will open throughout the Arava region, from the Arava Junction in the north to Eliphas junction in the South, Along the 140 km. Many schools and yoga centers, students and teachers from across the country and out of it, will come and practice yoga together. The wide spaces of the Arava, in this amazing weather, the best season in the desert, will create a unique session that enables peaceful practice.
No, each student chooses his teacher with whom he will be practising. The trainings are workshops at different levels of depth and you stay with them throughout the weekend. On Friday night, the entire Yoga Arava will join together for a unity meeting, at Park Timna for sunset yoga.
Experience, learn and recognize a wide range of different types of yoga, so that everyone can choose the most appropriate method for him. Styles available this year: Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Vijnana, Shivananda, TriYoga, Anusara, Dharma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga and the Ayurveda feminine, funky Yoga, Acro Yoga, and a special workshop for teachers of Yoga, exploring the relationship between practice and teaching.
Yoga workshops will be held throughout the weekend. The workshops are open to everyone, beginners and advanced alike. Our reservation center, built specially for the occasion Yoga Arava- will be happy to help you choose just the workshop that works for you and answer your questions.
Overnight accommodations are varied and many. Each community offers a selection of accommodation, from Camping to luxurious B & B's with homemade breakfasts. Additional information about the sleeping arrangements and reservations will be handled by our Information Center. Please bring with you white clothes for the Sabbath, a yoga mat and comfortable clothing for the practise at the Park Timna which will be held at sunset overlooking the mighty desert.
The participants of the Yoga workshops will get six meals as part of the Yoga Arava package they have purchased. Meals will be served at the community at the which the workshop is held.
What to bring?

A yoga mat for exercise and comfortable clothes

In addition, bring with you a long warm-up garment for the night. As part of the various workshops, we will go walking and meditate in the desert. The Arava area is filled with beautiful places for short and long trips that should not be missed. Please bring comfortable walking shoes and a hat and a personal water bottle and a flashlight!

It is also recommended to bring with you a notebook and a pan, to write down things that will come up in the workshop.

For Friday night yoga at sunset, it is recommended to bring white clothes.

Those who sleep in a khan/Bedouin tent should bring a sleeping bag or pillow and pillowcase (or sheets and a blanket) and a towel, a personal water bottle.

If the workshop you are registered with has additional details that you should bring (participants in the Iyengar workshops, please check the workshop page for accessories that you are recommended to bring with you!), We will inform you personally.

And most importantly, Mosquito repellent: it is recommended to use it every time you are out in the evening. ;-).

Yes, there are workshops that are designed especially for beginners - Please tell the registration center that you are a beginner when you sign up.
The cost of each workshop varies according to prices of accommodation in the place. In some places you can choose between luxurious and upscale B & B lodging and camping. Prices includes in all locations six vegetarian healthy meals.
This policy is based on the consumer protection regulation (deal cancelation) 2010. We strongly recommend to read the cancelation terms before entering any deal. The time period in which you can cancel a deal is 14 days from the moment you made it, solely on the basis that the cancelation was made less than 7 days prior to the start of the service. If you cancel a deal within this time period you will be charged 5% cancelation fee, no more than 100 nis. After this aforementioned time period you will not be able to cancel the deal. For additional information, please contact the offices of Yoga Arava, Email :