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Yoga Arava


What is Yoga Arava ?

Yoga Arava is a yoga event a unique of its kind in the world. For the 10th year, for one whole weekend, more than 40 yoga workshops in all styles, are held by the best Israeli teachers and guest teachers from abroad. Over 60 different guest houses ranging from individual farms, Hans, desert suites, luxurious guest rooms and guest houses in different kibbutzim. 

In fact, all the prairie of Israel wears yoga for one weekend a year. 

October 31st to November 2nd, the Arava will become a safe space to come and meet yourself through the embracing arms of yoga. This is a rare opportunity to meet, to know, to delve deeper, to explore and, above all to just BE. The landscapes are already there, the endless spaces await the most beautiful season to host you in the Arava.

If a weekend retreat is not enough for you, you can deepen your experience in a 5-day workshop. from  October 29th to  November 2nd. It is an invitation to stop the routine of life, and give yourself more time to let go, learn and make room for a deeper breath.

Very soon, you will be able to save a spot in one of the abundances of workshops that will take place this year. Take the time, read, be impressed and choose one workshop, you can choose by the teacher, subject, style or even according to the area you want to stay in. Each workshop will be hosted in one place throughout the weekend. Each workshop will deal with a specific topic, so you will not only experience the physical aspect of yoga, but will also be able to dive into its deep and beautiful philosophy or get a broad understanding of nutrition that supports training and health, practical tools for coping with pain or even experiencing a combination with sound healing, The selection is big and the choice is yours.


 "Yoga is a way to freedom, by practicing consistent yoga we can free ourselves from fear, suffering and loneliness " 

- Indra Devi -


 Each workshop is a journey, consisting of a beginning, a middle and an end. The point is to create a consistent process of deepening throughout the workshop, so it is not possible to switch between workshops or to replace a teacher





There are moments when the timing is just right for a big and beautiful experience to unfold. The 10TH "YOGA ARAVA" is the largest yoga gathering in the Middle East. The Workshops had been set with a team of inspirational yoga teachers from all over the world, that will come together to share an elevated consciousness with anyone who feels the call to participate. Some yogi magic will be conjured up in the tranquil surrounding of the Israeli Arava Desert.

The desert invites us during its most beautiful season to take part in the yoga gathering of the year. Throughout 200 km of breath-taking ancient scenery, the sense of wilderness all around, the meticulous desert hospitality and the variety of accommodation styles -  we will gather all around the Arava villages for deep yoga workshops with the best teachers in Israel and special guest teachers from all around the world. We will leave the studio and the comfort zone for an experience of a lifetime!

A rich variety of workshops in different styles and schools. enriching and enhancing your practice and familiarity with yoga. Once again, We will have collaborations and one-time connections between teachers, musicians, and a variety of expert guests from the fields of nutrition and Ayurveda, Mindfulness, movement, Chinese medicine, the art of breathing and more.

 Yoga Arava is the opportunity to deepen the practice, the knowledge and their unity with the inner perspective.


Yoga Arava's Registration center


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Yoga Arava it the production and the shared dream of Eilot Regional Council, Central Arava Regional Council and:


Shradha Daniel Netzer -Events and Production  |  052-5999755 | 

Yair Lederman - Events and Experiential Marketing  |  050-2867945 |

Ella Tamir -Contant production | YogAlil  | YogAim  | 052-8335954 |


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