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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Journey within in Arava - weekend retreat

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi (India)

Dearest friends and lovers of love and spirituality.

Heartly Shalom, Namaste and Hello,

First I bow down the divinity inside you and I welcome to the Journey to SELF.
This word SELF if unknown to us, invisible and difficult to find even it is most closer than everything in this world. The nature of that SELF is truth, love, conscious and bliss.
It is the love and peace that exist.
One who know that SELF, he knows everything and nothing remain to know and one who do not know that self, he knows nothing it does not matter how much he/she move around the world, and it does not matter if he studies thousands of books in big universities.

Are you interested to know that SELF? Then Join me. Once you know that SELF your life will transformed, there is no time in our life. We are given our time for food, family, country, friends and job. Come with me and lets live for SELF for 3 to 5 days in Arava Desert. Yoga is the art of knowing SELF, through Asana you know the body, through pranayama you know your breath, through meditation you know the mind and through silence you know the SELF and here I am going to take you through all experience physical, Energy level, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
We will do Hatha yoga, meditation, breathing, philosophy, satsang, chanting, initiation, Mantra, contemplation and silence practices.

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for 24 hr Sadhana/ practice? I am ready to offer you that so that before you leave you will be a different person who has so much peace and love within because you would be complete immersed with the self.

I donot know your face personally when you are booking but I can feel your energy now and you can connect with me in facebook –Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi or whatsapp me +919719630256 if you have any questions.

What you need to know: White dresses for special practice and initiation

Do not use any perfume and scent in your body
During meditation
Bring a cushion and yoga mat to sit and practice
I bring few things for you like Mala(rosary), tilak for forehead for concentration in 3rd eye)
Raksa Sutra- for protection for your energy in the retreat
We worship the Divine fire what Moses realized in the mountain
Bring light clothing during practice

The workshop would take place at