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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Flying in Ashtanga Yoga practice

Rinat Reina - SOLD OUT
A boutique workshop on "Flying" in Ashtanga Yoga practice. Did you know that we have flying equipment in our bodies? In the workshop we will use effective aids to learn how to fly and make the Vinyasa passes easily.
Let us see how the pairs of opposites – lightness--power live together in peace and complement each other.
We will practice complementary exercises to Ashtanga, that will help build the power in practice and use the traditional elements of bandas, and my request to cultivate lightness in the practice.
Please bring to the workshop Yoga blocks and a Yoga matt.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who practices Ashtanga Yoga. Both beginners and experienced.
One of the most prominent characteristics of the method is the vinyasa. The passage between Asana and Asana, Maintains body temperature, strengthens and softens it. In the workshop we will learn how to control the passages, through various physical exercises, and talk about the approach to practice. Why add strength to practice. How can strength be controlled? What is the philosophy behind this practice?
The workshop would take place at