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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה
Teacher of Vignana Yoga. Born in 1968. Practicing Yoga for 29 years. Has been teaching since 1995. Student of Orit Sen-Gupta. She is a graduate of literature and the Indian and Sanskrit department of the Hebrew University. In-depth study of texts from the world of Yoga is an inseparable part of the practice and the yoga classes under its direction. She lives with her family in Hod Hasharon. She trains teachers for Vijnana Yoga in a three-year course at Wingate College. She teaches teachers in annual Yoga courses in Kfar Saba and in workshops. Specializes in rehabilitative Yoga: working with students suffering from injuries and chronic diseases. Instructor with Alphonse Tarshel A course that trains experienced yoga teachers to teach rehabilitative yoga.