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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Yoga At Sunset - Night of Unity


Yoga Arava tradition takes us back to Timna Park for the Unity Meeting on Friday evening. On this special evening, all of the Yoga Arava participants will come together for a communal practice. We will gather together for a special sunset practice at the foot of the breathtaking Solomon's Pillars.  

In the main event on Friday evening, all the participants will meet at thespectacular "Timna" National Park, where we will practice four elements yoga session at sunset in front of the amazing Solomon columns, with master Patricia Thielemann(germany) - or choose to participate in a meditative Kirtan singing. We will then continue to a joint dinner in the lake, followed by an ecstatic International tribal music show by Eli Maman (Israel) hosting the famous Oud player Atef (Jordan) and his band, for a night to remember!

When you see the hundreds of participants coming together as one on this special occasion, the Unity Meeting, it is difficult not to be moved by the encounter. This is an invitation to meet with a special teacher, in a special place, imprinting the memory, and allowing for openness and excitement. 

Afterwards, in front of the lake in the park, a festive dinner will be served, which will be followed by a live music Kabalat Shabat with Orot Circle which is supported by the Office of Regional Cooperation. The amazing Yogev Harouvi will take us to a party where no one can stay sitting....

Timna Park

The park is located about 25 kilometers north of Eilat. Park from view spectacular landscapes and ancient Specials with history and diverse activities for the whole family. Spacious park, covers an area of ​​about 60 000 hectares and shape reminiscent of a horseshoe surrounded by bluffs on three sides.
Timna Valley is a geological window, where rocks are exposed to diverse, containing minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and more.

Timna, is the first place in the world where mined copper. around the park, you can find thousands of mining shafts and traces of copper smelting furnaces from the ancient Egyptian Empire.

Here you can get excited about the story of the Goddess and God Hth'or copper Ramses with a fascinating history and see the remains mythology Egypt. illustrate the experience, you can watch the performance Mines Book describes the process of extracting copper from ancient Egypt to the present.

fascinating findings of these can be seen in the Egyptian Hth'or temple, located near the magnificent pillars of Solomon, on the fungus, Arches impressive and of course the ancient rock art site with a drawing of a hunter ostriches and gazelles, chariots drawn by oxen, and more.

Timna Park excels on many diverse views, spectacular rock formations and geological and archeological sites highly important.
acacia trees and vegetation of the desert, wandering herds of deer and ibex visitor views over the cliffs and human activity in ancient times to the present have brought much interest and turn it into a valuable tourist attraction.

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