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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Getting Here




Yoga Arava is a special event which extends all along the Arava road (and One spot on Highway 40), about 120 km along the northern Arava from Idan in the north to Eliphaz in the south in Hevel Eilot.

Yoga Arava is hosted by the two local councils in cooperation to produce this event.

Directions from North:
To get to the Arava Road (which is the main road leading to Eilat) you have to travel towards Be'er Sheva, then turn towards Dimona/Mitzpe Ramon on the road that bypasses Be'er Sheva and to travel to Sarah Junction, where you turn left towards Dimona, Route 25.
(* Passengers to Desert Ashram follow directions at the asterix below, you continue straight at Sarah Junction)
Continue towards Dimona, cross it and continue to decend into Sodom.
In some places there are observation points, we recommend you stop at one of these (very carefully, it's a quite dangerous road), get out and take a deep breath against the ancient landscape; it's breathtaking. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice the Dead Sea peeking at you from the east. At this point Yoga Arava has actually begun for you, allow the desert to sink in to your heart and move on. At the end of the road down (be careful, remember?), turn right at Arava, 90.

Here is a list of towns from north to south: Idan, Hatzevah, Ein Yahav, Sapir, Antelope Ranch, Tsofar, Tzukim, Faran. Incidentally, at this point, the jurisdiction of the Central Arava Regional Council ends and you are entering its neighbor to the south, Eilot Council.
The most northern village is Yahel, Neot Smadar, Lotan, Ketura, Elifaz, Timna and Eilot.
All communities are clearly signposted on the road.

* If you travel to Desert Ashram, the directions are slightly different:
At Sarah Junction, continue straight on Route 40 toward Mitzpe Ramon.
Cross Mitzpeh Ramon and continue on the road to Eilat (along this road there are the lonersfarms, it's worth a stop for a sip of local tea and a desert breath that will open your heart and your lungs, the ride is lovely ride the spectacular scenery will accompany you until you reach Desert Ashram.
After about 80 km from Mizpeh Roman you will reach Tzihor Junction, where you turn right (Route 40 to Eilat) and after 10 km this oasis awaits you on the left.
You can also reach Desert Ashram from the Arava Road, Route 90.
Instructions are listed above, the trip is to Menuchah Junction (south of Faran) where you turn right, past the Tzihor Junction to Eilat, then the ashram will be on your left.

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